Unity 3 Blueprints : A practical giud to indie games development
Play the book games here :

Hiero Match Ace Invaders Tower Defense Furry Hurry

What’s the book about?

  • This is a hands-on book that shows you how to create terrific games with Unity 3. The book follows the build of 4 games we have on this site and each tutorial is mixed with out insights, hints and tips and problems to avoid. We will be making all the code available as well as our high class art assets so you can customize and build your own projects. By the end of the book you’ll be able to use the techniques on show to create your own amazing games.

Who’s it for?

  • This book is aimed at Indie game developers and artists who want to develop winning video games. This book will assume no prior knowledge of Unity or game creation in general, but you should be comfortable in development environments.

Book Content/Games.

  • We have divided the 10 chapters into 4 primary sections each covering a different game. These games represent classic genres but also games that we felt we highlighted across many of the Unity3D forums as ones that novices to intermediates wanted to create. We have written the games in parallel to the book so you can see  what we are doing real time.

Contents Overview

  • Learn Unity development techniques to build 4 top notch games, then kick on and build your own gaming masterpieces
  • Develop classic game fundamentals such as count down timers, game loops and scoring systems.
  • Clear explanations into topics like: keyboard interactions, scripted level creation, and path finding using waypoints
  • Bang. Implement and customize collision detection capabilities.
  • Turbo charge your games with Sound and Particle FX
  • 3D-tastic. Use Unity’s class leading 3D capabilities and build amazing multi-dimensional game levels.
  • Gain inside hints and tips on what works and what does not

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