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For readers who are experiencing trouble with the book downloads please use the above url.

Reader Feedback

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for taking the time to send feedback on the book. From your suggestions we have comprised a short list of what we felt we’re the most important points that have been raised:

1. Even though the book was tech edited and proofed by 3 people outside the authoring team, typos and boo boos have crept in. Please visit the errata page to see the latest information.

2. We were asked how ‘best’ to learn from the book. In our view, the best thing is to read the book, in front of your computer, and have the completed .js code files open in a separate text editor so you can see the final code in all it’s glory.

3. We are here to help, so if you get stuck – please ask! Maybe there is something that needs further explanation, or a particular point in the book doesn’t make sense, whatever it is please get in contact and we will do our best to get back to you as quick as possible.

Again thank you all for your kind support!
The Deep Pixel Guys.

We are “In Stock”

Finally  we are “In Stock” on both and No more 1 to 3 week dispatch waiting period.

So roll on up and grab your copy of our Unity Blueprints book!

Book Video

Launch Party

Last week here at Deep Pixel Towers we decided to have ourselves a little celebratory shin dig in honour of the completion of our book. We gathered all our nearest and dearest, and plied them with ample booze and food stuffs. Quite the night was had. We would like to once again thank everyone that came along!


It’s Here!!!!!


Unity 3 Blueprints : A Practical Guide To Games Development

Unity 3 Blueprints : A Practical Guide To Games Development

Today is a momentous day here at Deep Pixel. The first printed copy
of our new book, Unity 3 : A Practical Guide To Indie Games Development
just dropped through our door!


Unity3D Blueprints Coming Soon!

It’s getting very close. We are getting very excited about the impending release of our Unity3D development book. We have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this book but it is really starting to come together. Head over to the book page and check out some of the games that you will be able to make using the book!

A.I middleware integrates with Unity3D

A german based A.I company called Artificial Technology has announced that it will be integrating its latest version of EKI One A.I middleware with Unity3D. Gamasutra article here.

GDC & Unity3D

Unity’s presence is set to increase again this year at the annual Games Developers Conference. Last year we were lucky enough to be positioned right across the floor from the Unity booth and witnessed first hand some of the exciting features that were heading our way in Unity 3.

This year it seems Unity is going a step further and scheduling a number of interesting sessions, breakdown here. If you guys find your way there be sure to drop us a line with all the goings on, it looks like a great day of Unity filled goodness!